About Us

Lilac Babes, was founded by actress, designer, and fashion model, Rose Pendleton in November 2016 and is APART of the blog, Rosie Says Hello.

Philosophy: Out Of This World
Our goal here at Lilac Babes, is to provide “OUT OF THIS WORLD” fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, and everything in every shade of purple possible. Out of This World refers to items in alien/UFO, paranormal, zodiac signs, alignment of the planets & stars, etc. Basically, anything that is literally the color purple or is OUT OF THIS WORLD. A few CULTURAL reference pieces, will remain in their original color.

About Rose & Rosie Says Hello
Rose Pendleton began her own original clothing & accessories line I’m A Jerk Industries back in 2009, while continuing to do her acting and modeling work. She began to blog in 2005 about her adventures in the entertainment & fashion industries on her website RosePendleton.com.  Eventually she moved over to Buzznet.com where her daily posts were featured on their main page under fashion, until 2012 where she launched her own personal blog RosieSaysHello.com, in addition to maintaining her professional portfolio website RosePendleton.com. Even while juggling acting, modeling, journalism, digital media art, and fashion design, she wanted more, and launched a small online shop “just for fun” named Mouth Dust then changed it to Wild Violet, before Rogue Daisies launched finally landing on Lilac Babes in late 2016. Lilac Babes is the online shop for her blog Rosie Says Hello. I’m A Jerk Industries is her original apparel designs, and Rose Pendleton is her acting, modeling, and the name for her photo/design/art studio. All companies are owned by the RosePendleton.com network “Rose Pendleton LLC”.

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Lilac Babes is apart of the blog Rosie Says Hello and all original Lilac Babes clothing designs are made by I’m A Jerk Industries. All companies all are owned by Rose Pendleton LLC.